Are you a SENCo, Preschool Manager, Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Preschool Worker, Childminder or Key Worker?

Would you like some online training that you can access more than once? Would you like to cascade this training to your team?

  • Do you have a child in your setting with speech sound difficulties?

  • Do you wonder what’s going on with their sounds?

  • Do you want to help them but are not sure what to do?

  • Has the child seen a Speech Therapist?

  • Has the Speech Therapist sent you a report with targets? Maybe some pictures?

  • Do you feel confident working with this child?

  • Do you know what to do with the pictures?

  • Have you already done lots of work on this child’s speech sounds and are you bored of the games you have done?

I've made you a course

  • It's online so you can do it any time.

  • There are videos, presentations, demonstrations and printable handouts.

  • You can re-visit the course at a later stage. Multiple times.

  • You can play the videos in the course during staff training.

  • You can follow this course at your pace, moving onto the next stage when the child you are working with is ready.

What will you get?

This course will give you the knowledge, understanding and confidence to work with children with speech sound difficulties.

It will help you to understand what is happening with their speech sounds and why they are using replacement sounds.

This course will give you ideas to help them at their current stage and what to do next.

You will feel empowered with the clarity and understanding around this tricky topic and you will be excited to try some of the activities the next day with your children.

You will have the ability to use what you have learnt in the course with children in your setting now and in the future.

You will see increase progress in the children you work with and their speech sounds will be less delayed.

You will be an even more skilled and knowledgeable practitioner than you already are.

What you will learn

  • How to work with children who have speech sound difficulties

  • The ages and stages of speech sounds development

  • Some theory behind common speech sound difficulties

  • How to identify children who need to be referred for assessment

  • What a Speech and Language Therapist does at the assessment

  • How targets are identified and set by the Speech and Language Therapist

  • Activities to help children with their target sounds

  • The route through therapy and the different steps and stages to perfecting their speech sounds

  • How to move a child onto the next stage

  • How to help the child generalise their sounds into their free speech

Watch Intro Video


  • Do I have to do the training course all in one go?

    Nope. You can stop and start as much as you like. You can even re-visit the course in a couple of months' time.

  • Can I play the videos during staff meetings?

    Absolutely! If the information in this course helps you to help the children you work with then go ahead! You can play one or two videos or the whole lot, depending on how long you have.

  • Are you really a Speech and Language Therapist

    Yes. I'm actually a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist with over a decade of experience working with children in schools. I trained in the UK and am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. I have an Undergraduate Degree in Linguistics and a Masters Degree in Health and Human Sciences (qualifying in Speech and Language). The equivalent title in the USA is Speech and Language Pathologist.

  • Will I be able to do any assessments?

    No. That's the role of a Speech and Language Therapist. Once your child has had an assessment, you will be able to help them work on the specific sounds and targets set by the Speech Therapist. This course will help you to be able to make a better referral to a Speech and Langauge Therapist

Course Reviews

5 star rating

Very good

Ellie Lewis

Very good and very informative. Loved it!

Very good and very informative. Loved it!

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5 star rating


Toni Wyatt

Thank you Beth, This course has been very interesting to do, I will be engaging with my team with this as we have a few children who have speech difficulti...

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Thank you Beth, This course has been very interesting to do, I will be engaging with my team with this as we have a few children who have speech difficulties and are awaiting to be assessed by a therapist. Thank you.

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4 star rating

Informative & interesting

Jo Evans

Easy to follow

Easy to follow

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5 star rating

Speech sounds to success

Julie Crawshawe

Some really useful activities to try out. Very interesting module

Some really useful activities to try out. Very interesting module

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Feedback from other previous course users

Very informative

by Kirsty, Preschool Key Worker

This course taught me what I can do with the children to help them with their speech.


Megan, Class Teacher

A lot of really useful strategies given to help. Really good explanations. It gave a good understanding of speech development in a fun and friendly way.

Speech Sounds

James, Learning Support Assistant

I gained an understanding around speech sounds and a better understadning on ways to identify and support children's speech. I liked the handouts.


Highly Specialist Speech & Language Therapist

Beth Morrant

Hi, I'm Beth.

My role is to train and support education staff who work with children with speech, language and communication needs in schools.

I'm a fun and creative Speech and Language Therapist with lots of ideas to help children develop their communication skills.

I have years and years of experience and working with children and young adults in a range of settings including schools, preschools and clinics. I’ve worked with lots of wonderful practitioners and staff in schools and preschools throughout my career, and I've provided a lot of information, advice, training and support for a variety of Speech and Language topics.

As well as training education staff, I also deliver seminars as a guest lecturer to Speech and Language Therapy Students at the University of Essex. These cover a range of topics, including service provision, speech sounds, stammering, vocabulary and word finding, assessment and intervention.

I work as an Independent Specialist Speech and Language Therapist through my own local service where I see children in schools in Mid Essex and in my clinic. I have a master’s degree in Health and Human Sciences, qualifying as a Speech & Language Therapist in 2009. My undergraduate degree is in Linguistics and Spanish.

I’m registered with the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, the Health and Care Professionals Council and the Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice.

I'm a mum of 2 and my children have helped me make some of these demonstration videos. As you will see, they each have their own personalities and characteristics.

As a result of my training sessions, dozens of Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Preschool Practitioners have felt empowered to help their students with their speech and language targets.

With The Speech and Language Garden, I hope to give you some valuable ideas and resources to help educate you and support the children you work with. I want to empower Teachers, Assistants and SENCos to deliver effective and fun interventions by providing information, advice, training and demonstrations.